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About Us

We are a Claims Recovery and Financial Management Services company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


The Fort Equity team handles a comprehensive range of financial recoveries, such as invoices; insurance payments; supplier and rent payments; and personal and business loans, for individuals and businesses across an array of industries.


Fort Equity was founded on traditional values, and we’re proud of our personal approach. Our people are experienced, effective and efficient, but never compromise on providing a client-focused service. 


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Whether our clients come to us in a rare moment of crisis, or return to us again and again, our people take the time to establish strong and trusting relationships with every individual and business that approaches us.


Fort Equity Wisdom and Understanding


Our team’s combined experience across a wide range of business sectors gives Fort Equity not only the experience and expertise, but also an intuitive wisdom, to handle each case with great care, attention to detail, and success.

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From the very first point of contact with Fort Equity, you can be sure of our complete transparency. No false promises, no cutting corners, no mixed messages.

Fort Equity Sincerity and Respect


All members of the Fort Equity team are personally invested in looking after our clients. We understand that when financial relationships break down, there’s always a human impact. Respect is at the forefront of all of our interactions and dealings.


When businesses find themselves owed money from valued clients, or when individuals or organizations struggle to keep their promises, it’s not only the finances that are at stake – long-established relationships break down, trust is lost, and proud reputations are at risk. At Fort Equity, we realize that our strength is in our deep understanding of the wider impact of financial charges. We handle each case on its own merits and treat clients and third-party individuals as humans, not numbers.
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