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Jordanian National who is extremely commercially astute and highly motivated team player and business manager, with a Bachelor Degree in Business Management and a number of successfully completed professional development courses. In his Previous role he was responsible for managing the entire process of loan repayments for the commercial portfolio of Gulf Finance Corporation in Dubai. One of his major achievements was the development and implementation of a successful Recovery and Remedial Plan, a project designed to improve techniques and processes used when pursuing non-performing loans. He was responsible for coordinating with lawyers and external collection agencies to ensure debt recovery is maximized.
All businesses suffer from the non-payment of debts. Over time this can cause substantial financial issues which need to be addressed. However, what a business really needs is to not let the problems get out of control in the first place. That’s where he come’s in.
Throughout his 10 years of experience at Gulf Finance Corporation, he was recognized by senior management as a diligent and professional team member, and have achieved a number of promotions, working his way through the company from Recovery Officer to Commercial Portfolio Manager. He has acquired a variety of transferable skills during this time, including building and maintaining strong client relationships, high level interpersonal communication and liaison skills, and the ability to effectively multi-task and prioritize in order to adhere to strict time and budget constraints.
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